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Grisly Cute affairs with seven ghosts, dragon and fish (2020)
Installation with text and sound

This work captures a voice of the feminized Asian ghosts, along with the gravestones which marks three pin-points that the artist would like to begin her story with.
The animals who have migrated to the nearby islands, who then soon became diaspora. The asian female characters who were once in your screen. The overlapping layers of religious symbols that you once believed in.
They linger around the broken lands, Hoping to find the ground to settle. What will they find?

Below is an extract from her graduation card:
“Eras are not homogeneous and the histories are non-linear. Time gets destabilized and intertwined, and in the meantime, you hear the echo of the bell to the whispers of your ancestors, their spirits reincarnated in a space of thoughts.
Yanking out the ghosts, myths, and rituals from its deeply embedded shadows of history, she investigates the past and the future of the Asian feminized ghosts — depicting the cross points of history and “science fiction” through collecting fragments of the time.

The future is the past and it is coming back with all the Gods we trust in.”

This installation was exhibited during the graduation show 2020 at Gerrit Rietveld Academie.
Beautiful typeface <Serifbabe (2018)> by Charlotte Rohde on printed matter

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